Students’ stories how to buy online and use Fake IDs

The security bouncer at the Bar asks to look at the woman’s ID

A freshman at Iowa State tells us his experience and feelings during the first use of a Phony ID. He says that it was a pretty nervous impression that he even thought his hands were shaking as he held out the ID to check.

“As I know, all my friends have fake ID cards. This is a really popular thing among underage students. Everybody in my group uses it,” the freshman said. “So I believe that a fake ID is quite safe to use, am I right?”

This guy asked no to disclose his real name as he knew that possesing bogus documents is not legal action, he didn’t want to be punished for it.

The Ames town counts hundreds of students who are underage and have fake identity documents. Since this place is full of bars where you can enter if you are over 21.  The sergeant of the Safe Neighborhood Team, Mike Arkovich explains this situation by the fact that the only purpose of possessing false IDs is the purchase of alcohol.

The EverFi Insight Report asked AlcoholEdu to make statistics on the number of college students who use fake documents to obtain alcohol. They collected answers from only respondents younger than 21. The survey involved 8876 students from 213 colleges in 38 states.

The result of the conducted study concluded about 8.2 % of entering freshmen, possessing and using fake IDs. The number of first-year students with fakes was 32% more after the autumn semester .It’s pretty easy for them to find a fake ID store after summer campus where they meet other students who have already purchased and are using phonies.

One minor told us his story of life. He was an underage, and there was a great music festival in the city where only adults over 221 were allowed. He asked his older brother to borrow his ID for a while.And that’s fortunate. After the festival, he continued to use brother’s ID everywhere, whether he goes to a nightclub or buys alcoholic beverages.

Sometimes freshmen are afraid to use their Fake IDs. Everyone understands all the severe consequences of its illegal use. However, it is the only way if you wish to have a drink or visit  the popular nightlife in the town.

“Ames is full of great places to go, and I can’t just stay home when all my friends hang out together. I mean, the places where you can grab a beer and talk to your friends and nice girls. I was bored of being at home before I have finally received my Fake ID,” A freshman’s trying to justify himself.

“Bogus card is expired, so I can’t go anywhere it would scan,” the freshman says. “If a cop came and accidentally checked my fake, I’d be done.”

“When you own a phony identity card and use it for entering or buying alcohol, it is considered a serious misdemeanor, while having another person’s ID (like I used my brother’s) is a slight misdemeanor. In some cases, you can pretend that you just mixed up yours with someone’s else. But the real holder may also suffer from your little crime. You should think about it before you start using an another ID.” the student regrets.

“If you capture a minor with someone else’s driver’s license, we accuse him of keeping a fake identity card, and then send him to the Department of Transportation, and they take administrative measures,” – said Arkovich. The detection and disclosure of bogus documents is a weekly event for Arkovic.

“We usually reveal both types of fake IDs in bars, including the use of someone’s identity and an artificial ID” Arkovich said.

Arkovic shared with us that some manufacturers of fake ID cards do it very well with high quality and multiple security levels, including barcodes, holograms, and magnetic stripes, so bouncers and even cops often can’t distinguish a real from a fake one.

“The Police Department has many opportunities and resources to check and detect identification documents,” Arkovic continues. “In case, one of my assistants is not sure of the authenticity of the document, he takes it and checks longer and deeper here, on a special machine. It may take 3-4 hours, no longer.”

Bartenders also have to monitor the situation with ID cards, they check the guests while making drink orders for them. They also keep order in the bar, overlooking the entire bar space. “Bartenders know that they have the highest liability,” Arkovic said.

The consequence for places where alcohol is served (alcohol shops, bars, Nightclubs, restaurants) to underage students is at least a fine. The bartender and the owner of the institution will also be fined as a student.

“We would like to organize courses for bartenders and bouncers to teach them how to determine a fake ID within minutes. Of course, the course consists of theoretical and practical parts. The whole course will take 5-7 days 1-2 hours a day.” Arkovic said. “Nevertheless, I’m sure underage students, who are under 21, will find new manufacturers who will start making fake IDs that will look exactly like the genuine ones. Bogus ID stores are developing new protective layers and using high technology for producing cards.”


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