Refund Policy

Refund is possible.

Making fake ID is a type of business with a special attitude to refunding: it is impossible to resell the produced ID to any other person due to obvious reason. That is why we do everything to reduce the number of refunds, keeping our customers satisfied. We send you the scans of your ID before we print it, to make sure that you approve it, and for you to make sure that we provide truly high-quality documents. It is a chance to verify and fix anything may appear incorrect before your order processing is finished.

Furthermore, we allow our customers 48 hours after they receive their fake ID to see if everything is okay and if they are satisfied with the quality of our product. While it is certainly impossible to check the quality of the ID by just the e-mail scans, this 48-hour term should make it clear that we produce the perfect ID. You can e-mail us your complaints, if you have any, within 48 hours after you receive your order. Fair complaints can be the reason to initiate a refund.

We rarely receive refund requests, yet we are ready to fulfill any. We are 100% confident in the quality of our service; that is why we can afford refunds. To get a refund, the customer has to cut the ID with scissors into several parts, and send us a clear photo of the destroyed ID via e-mail. We do not question his reason to do so. We use Bitcoin to issue the refund.