Best State for Fake ID

The brief review below provides the basic information about the nuances one needs to familiarize with before purchasing a fake ID card. The described details will help potential fake ID owners to decide on the state they wish to see indicated in their license.

All right, all right, all right, I don’t have time, just tell me what is the best fake ID right now?!

Sure, my friend:

The fact is that fake IDs are getting more and more popular all across the US territory. This has lately become the surest way for thousands of US teens to gain access to parties, concerts, alcoholic beverages, restaurants, and stuff. Life is full of temptation and you cannot be blamed for wanting to test the limits and cross the boundaries. Adventure and fun are just a few steps away. Here’s what you need to know to get closer to your dream:

ATTENTION! One of the key questions that constantly arise is the US state you choose to see in the ID you are about to purchase. Actually, in some instances this aspect is essential and the answer is not always obvious, indeed. Consider your needs, special demands, and requirements before you buy an ID. There are several factors that you’ll have to analyze. Once this part is done, feel free to opt for the state of your ID.

How to choose an perfect state for your brand new Fake ID?

You may have many different questions and the major issue is related to the location that your fake ID will indicate. Users should consider the following points:

  1. Which US states are most commonly indicated in fake IDs?
  2. The list of the US states that are most commonly used for fake IDs
  3. What licenses are less secure?
  4. How different is Polycarbonate from Teslin?
  5. UV light and a loupe are some of the commonly used tools many official bodies use to check IDs
  6. Scanning is employed since it ensures a high passing rate
  7. Which US states are regarded as the least secure license?

Iowa Fake ID

Iowa licenses used to be highly popular thanks to their simplified design. A couple of years ago, their texture, as well as the shape, changed since the Federal real ID act set new requirements. Nevertheless, the outdated Iowa licenses are valid at present.

People who haven’t yet decided which US state they should opt for may find Iowa the best choice. Find a reputable fake ID provider and have a decent signature and a photo of yourself – this will help you avoid being caught with a fake ID.

It’s quite a challenge to spot flaws in Iowa IDs. As a rule, no special safeguards are used for Iowa licenses. The majority of bouncers will validate the barcodes on the back. They may scan the ID for UV, too. Make sure that you’re good with these elements and the license will work both in and out of state.

IMPORTANT! Some fake ID providers are still offering the outdated design. Many sellers have already switched to the recently issued template.

Remember that the backside of the license contains vibrant inks and the ultraviolet in them reproduces hidden features. Should you buy the newest version, be prepared to purchase it at a higher cost.

Georgia Fake ID

The list includes Georgia and the second position belongs to this Peachtree state. It is one of the most popular and commonly preferred states for fake IDs. Sellers claim that these novelty licenses are typically ordered at weekends. This fact proves that such IDs do their job pretty well.

Bear in mind that fake Georgia IDs have high scanning. On the other hand, these licenses are issued with features that do not feel too challenging for fake ID providers. Most of what such IDs contain is available in open Chinese markets.

Some providers use the previous design, while others choose to print IDs using the most recent version. The early version remained unchanged for around 6 years. Currently, both designs are often sold. One of the features that have been added is the scannable magnetic stripe. Blacklight features are also used. The back of the GA ID has a linear glow feature that is hard for optimization.

The feature that makes Georgia IDs stand out is the Capitol State Building that will illuminate under ultraviolet. Many fake ID providers may surpass the intensity of the shine on the edges, and yet one can find the exact cloning of this feature.

Connecticut Fake ID

Connecticut ID cards contain many various features. There are iconic figures printed. ID cardmakers admit that such cards are hard to revamp. If you are lucky enough to purchase a high-quality replication, then you’ll be able to get in and out of stat restrictions.

According to numerous reviews, we can conclude that the popularity of this state’s IDs has significantly increased in the past few years. Fake ID makers state that Connecticut ID cards are simple to revamp and they require fewer expenses.

Licenses previously issued had cheaper laminate rolls. A cardstock of Teslin as well as regular printing machines are required to clone the card. The currently used CT ID cards are issued by the DMV, which makes it more tricky and expensive for providers to clone them.

NOTE! Manufacturers of CT IDs employ laser machines to engrave the Whale image on the license. This is an expensive process. Besides, microprinting is another additional feature that increases the cost, but the demand for the product has remained high.