Does your fake ID scan correctly?

Absolutely. Everything necessary is recorded on the ID; the information corresponds to the entries on card and is in the proper digital format.


Do you accept single orders for just one ID?

We include a duplicate ID into every order, because it is not a rare case when people lose or otherwise destroy their card. For convenience and safety, we send two similar ID to our every client.


I want the ID and I do not need the plastic, I just want photos of ID to be sent to my email address. Is it possible?

Sure. Check our Virtual ID product. $59.99 for all states.

What state ID works best?

From our experience, the best cards are those for CA. However, any other state ID is good, too.


Can you put my real driver license on it if I provide you with one?

Yes, it’s possible. You should mention it in your order notes at a checkout page.

$100 per ID is too much for me. Can I get it cheaper?

Yes, if you order more than 3 ID. Cooperate with your friends or other people, place an order on 10 or more ID and you will get them as cheap as $75 per card. If you manage to order more than 15 cards, the price is even better!


Do you provide tracking for shipped orders?

Automated shipping is initiated after you pay for the order and verify your ID scans via e-mail. We send you a tracking number that you can use to check the location of your package. It usually takes up to 10 business days for the shipping company to deliver your order. In very rare cases, it may take a few days more (holidays, etc.).


What payment methods do you accept?

We only use Bitcoin now. You can read more here.


Why do you accept only Bitcoin, not Paypal/Venmo/Western Union?

It’s very simple. It’s total anonymous (for you and for us). We are selling fake IDs here and we need a payment method which is anonymous and easy to use. It’s really not that difficult to buy bitcoins today.


I don’t want to buy 1 bitcoin for 4000+ dollars…

You can easily buy like .01 of a bitcoin, you can get whatever fraction of a bitcoin you want. It’s not an issue.


I wanted to order but due Bitcoin’s fluctuation rates I’m short of $10 ($5, $1…)! Can I order?

We understand how Bitcoin works, so, yes, you can pay and we will process the order, but let us know which amount you have sent to us.

What requirements do you have for the photo?

The requirements and instructions for your ID photo are available here.


I recently have a photo taken at Costco for passport. Will that work if i scan it?


If I take a picture of my signature on paper will that work or will it have to be an electronic signature?

Photo of your signature on a piece of paper is fine.

Should I specify a valid address for my fake ID?

We provide a unique valid address for every fake ID that we produce. However, if you want to specify your own address, you can include it into the additional description of your order.


Which shipment method do you use? Express, package, else?

We ship your ID in an envelope with some stealth, using Express method and Standart method.


As of now, I still haven’t received a response from you!

Chill. There is nothing to worry about. We are doing our best to make and deliver your ID as fast as we can. Seriously.


Is IDHurry a scam?

No. That’s why.


How to buy fake id on IDHurry video guide.