To pay for Fake ID with Credit Card – is it possible?

Nowadays almost all online stores and web services accept credit cards as a payment method. Also, people are still getting used to using cards more often than cash. Most smartphones are already adapted to the function of payment from a mobile phone using Bank card details. There seems to be no room for cash in the near future.

There is a question is can we buy Fake ID with credit card as well? 

The answer is No, it’s absolutely impossible for now. There are several reasons why users cannot pay with Bank cards for special products such as fake IDs. The main reason is a strict system of operation and control over the use of Bank cards.

The most popular and widely used international payment systems that distribute their cards around the world are MasterCard and VISA. However, these systems must follow international law that prohibits all the Darknet and the distribution of goods such as fake IDs, fake licenses and so on. These systems record all actions of credit card holders. In case they see a customer buying something that is officially prohibited, the administration can report the action to the police or other relevant departments. This means that this payment method may be unsafe for the customer and have unpleasant circumstances. Therefore, the acquisition of a fake identity is considered to be an illegal act.

Don’t worry, there is a solution that will help you and others wishing to purchase fake IDs through online shopping. There is another option that may replace credit cards in the future. It is cryptocurrency (in this case we are talking about Bitcoins) that  is considered to be an acceptable way to pay for illegal purchases on the Internet.

Buy Bitcoin How-To for Beginners

(in this case we are talking about Bitcoins) that  is considered to be an acceptable way to pay for illegal purchases on the Internet.

As you know, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency among others. It was discovered ten years ago in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamato, who created this digital asset using the blockchain technology. There are some obvious advantages that make Bitcoin the most convenient currency. First of all, using and paying with Bitcoin is a secure payment method as the cryptographic method protects all details of both sides of the payment process – the customer and the seller, from each other. The second possibility is anonymity. You never know any customer information other than their bitcoin wallet address. This means that you can remain anonymous, but at the same time purchase whatever you want. The next point of using Bitcoin is an easy-to-use way to make payments. You only need to get the seller’s wallet address and then you can transfer the funds to him in seconds. However, the transfer process (while the network confirms the action) can take up to thirty minutes. This is a fairly quick option among other cryptocurrencies. Also, payment with Bitcoin is available around the clock. You can use this payment method anytime and anywhere where you have Internet access.

Well, the main good thing about Bitcoin is that anyone can buy a fake ID online with it. There are almost no other ways to pay for purchases in DarkWeb. Sometimes you can find Western Union and other not popular methods. However, Bitcoin can be used anywhere.

In case you do not have any Bitcoin, there are many platforms and exchanges on the Internet that offer such services – to buy Bitcoin for dollars or any other currency or exchange it. You just need to google the instructions on obtaining Bitcoin and choose a more suitable method for you.

To sum up, if you need to get a fake ID via online stores, you only need to have some Bitcoin coins in your wallet. And you can be sure that no one will know about your personal data during the purchase. Bitcoin is a secure, easy-to-use and anonymous payment method for everyone.