Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy


Here is information about the Privacy Policy of IDHURRY.COM that we want to explain to you in detail. This web platform is available for everyone for free. It’s not necessary to sign up in order to use this website. In other words, you can come over this online resource at any time and get the information that you need for using it for your own purposes without further action, such as registering or entering your login and password. We try not to complicate the process of access to useful information.


This web platform is highly secure and safe place for everyone, we treat our guests in a friendly and welcoming way. Our goal is to make the site as convenient as possible for you. We promise not to take any cost for your privacy and anonymity. In addition, we do not require you to provide us with your personal details or financial data. You can make your orders or use the info of this website remaining unknown.


We have a special section here on IDHURRY.COM where you can take all our contacts to ask us any questions or doubts that you have – just follow the contacts’ links or go to the Contact tab directly. There is customer support service, which is designed to help clients. So we care about our customers and want them to be satisfied with our working process. Keep in mind,  if you are about to ask us something by email you need to give us the name and email address. We assure not to give your email and name to any third-party organizations, we will use it only for emailing you back with answers to your questions. We are the completely self-controlled company, and we never share the clients’ personal information with others.


Note: when you send us a message to our mailbox, we collect your data for the only purpose of responding you back. There are no marketing and advertising ways of using it at all. We respect each of you, our customers, and your privacy. Also, we promise not to collect any other information about our visitors during their staying on the website. We keep all our promises about the confidentiality of users’ personal information that is well maintained and totally safe.


Moreover, we accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method because it is the most secure way for customers who want to remain anonymous. We provide your payments with the highest level of security. The crypto method is untraceable that allows you to save your privacy.


We value the safety and privacy of our every customer. We advise you to use only the cryptocurrencies’ payment method, not to share your personal details, to take any information on the website that you need, and to ask any doubting question before making orders. Well, we have created the perfect conditions for your coming here. Welcome to IDHURRY.COM with no any charge at any time.