There is no shipping fee (except Express delivery). You pay only for the ID. 

Free shipping – 5-7 business days

Express shipping ($15) – 2 business days

International shipping ($30, DHL) – 7-14 business days

We reserve 72 hours for producing an ID for the customer, after we receive the payment. Within that period, you get the scans of your new fake ID by e-mail for verification and approval. Then we ship it, providing you with a tracking number; the further delivery depends on the third party. In general, it does not take longer than 72 hours for us to make your ID, if the provided information is correct and the photo is good.

However, we cannot promise that you will receive your complete ID within 72 hours after you make a payment. The delay may vary due to equipment malfunction, supply arrival delay, unexpectedly high number of orders submitted on the same day, and many other factors that are beyond our control.

That is why we encourage you to order your fake ID timely, at least one week before you need it. It is a good practice to make your order in advance, so you are sure that you get it before time, especially if you need it for a special event. We, in turn, make every effort to deliver your ID as soon as possible.

Please, note that the 72-hour term does not apply to group orders with more than 20 ID to produce, verify and ship. In this case, we ask for 96 hours (4 business days) at least, to ensure that you receive exactly what you need. Believe me: we do all we can to make it faster and keep it reliable at the same time.