A student with fake ID throws a party, trashing rent place in East Nashville

The short story about terrible minors’ activities.

East Nashville 2018

A month ago, some young man with forged documents, as it turned out later, rented my house in East Nashville. This man threw a huge party, caused massive damage that cost me thousands of dollars, and disappeared without a trace.  “He first asked for a couple friends coming, but it ended up being a dozens” upset told us Brady Mills, owner of the crushed party place.

Since this young guy used a fake ID to rent this house, the owner was unable to find it after the party. The fake number and personal information didn’t say anything about the identity card holder. Cops can’t find this man so far.

The first thing to find the deceiver, the police looked through the surveillance camera records. They explored that there really was a big party that Saturday night in this rented house in East Nashville.

Neighbors who witnessed the night’s performance, honestly tell News4 that there were hundreds of people inside and out. The owner was 300 miles from the scene. He didn’t come back to check on the party as Brady had already rented out his house several times before. He didn’t expect such vandalism to be possible.

“When the property manager came to count the damage cost, I was completely shocked by the price for crashed things,” complained Mills.

Brady Mills

The next morning (Sunday) there were no party guests. They left shattered walls and antiques, alcohol-stained ceilings, carpets cut and smelled disgusting, furniture damaged and some things thrown out into the street. I did not find my 80-inch TV screen. They stole it. I’m not saying that, of course, everything was dirty and smelled.

And the worst thing about this whole story is that neither the real property manager, nor the rental website, nor even the police can identify and find the person who did all this.

“We have video from surveillance cameras and credit card numbers, we can try to track them in other ways. Don’t worry, there are other methods to find cheaters, and we will do everything possible to help homeowners,” explained the property manager Casey Egginton. “We are not able to figure it out instantly, we need more time.”

Eggington suggests that she has already met this young man who rented Mills’s house. He used the same fake ID and website Red Awing to select place for the party in the past. He rented another house in Nashville just a few months ago.

“This is a new company compared to HomeAway and VRBO, which was opened just a year ago. Their managers ask customers only for their name, phone number and email address. I don’t think that’s really enough to rent out property,” Casey said.

This website Red Awing does not require any proof of identification of a person, including a national ID card or driver’s license, or simply a photo of the customer. It turns out that anyone can easily cheat the service, using fake ID cards or stolen credit cards.

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