Marriage as a Result of the Use of Fake documents

Travis Loiselle and Jenn Eng are kissing at their wedding. They got married last August.

Jenn Eng haven’t open the true story about the meeting day with Travis Loiselle to her parents for more than a decade before the wedding day.

A 17-year-old Jenn came to California for summer holidays to visit her best friend. Gathered together 3 girls decided to cut loose and get into the nightlife. But, as you know, at that time underage young people were not allowed to go to the nightclubs and drink alcohol.

“When I was a teenager, I had to follow strict rules of conduct. My parents banned me from seeing boys before I was 16, ” says Jen.

Jenn and Travis went to the same club with single friends. Jenn was 17, Travis – 19. They both used the fake IDs to get inside as they couldn’t do it with their real identity documents. As a result, Travis spotted Jenn in the crowd and came over to meet her. She was shy, but at the same time fell in love with him at once. They started to regularly go on a date.

Travis and Jenn with close friends; wedding photography

Two lovebirds hid from their parents during the first year of the relationship, but even then they realized that they were created for each other.

When Jenn turned 18, she decided to go to New York State University as she has been dreaming for many years. Travis agreed to wait for her in their hometown, since he loved and trusted her. Their relationships has moved to the “distance” status.

“Our friends often call us maximizers. We both follow an active lifestyle and like to try new things,” as Travis describes themselves. “Jenn and I have similar views, the same life values, and therefore we fully understand each other, without further ado.”

The remote condition was difficult, but the guys coped through daily phone calls and meetings on weekends. Travis, assigned to the Marine Barracks, came to New York whenever he had a day off.

An early photography of Travis and Jenn

Then Travis was sent to a base near Oceanside, California, and then deployed to Iraq. Their relationship began to suffer again, it was another serious test for their feelings. He suggested that they end their relationship prematurely, but Jenn was sure that everything would be fine. During this separation they could only write letters and send them once a week.

Later, after his tour of duty, Travis made a decision to leave the Marines and move to New York for Jenn’s wishes. “I never wanted to marry a Marine, as I didn’t imagine my life on different military bases,” says Jenn.

A year later, they began to live together. Travis rented a 50-square-meter apartment in Manhattan and invited Jenn to move in.

Their relationship were developing step by step. Teenage flirt turned into an adult partnership. “When you have girl who is your best friend and lover at the same time, whom you can completely trust and whom you can rely on, you are absolutely happy, and your life starts to surely go up in other areas too,” explains Travis, an executive support analyst at Accenture.

A few years later, their paths diverged again, Jenn enrolled in an MBA program and moved to Illinois. Jenn spent more than 6 months there, and then another six months she worked in Seattle and Barcelona. Travis waited for her faithfully. They communicated on FaceTime, phone calls and messages.

Now the couple lives in New York. They purchased a new huge apartment where they continue to build their family with two cute Yorkshire Terriers, Max and Daisy.

In 2016, the lovebirds traveled to Arizona with purpose to celebrate their anniversary, they met 13 years ago. The sunset was beautiful and Jenn was shining as she felt that he would propose to her. “ I would like to spend the rest of my life with you because I love you. Will you marry me?” remembers Jenn. They were both happy in that moment like never before.

On the fifth of August, the newlyweds tied the knot on the roof of the best hotel in New York. Bridesmaids were her old friends that back many years ago partied together in the club, where Jenn met Travis. The bride and groom looked wonderful.

Jenn’s underage free life was revealed during the wedding speeches. Parents, faced the entire truth, only laughed and wept with happiness. They were glad that Jen had met Travis who loves her so much.




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