Fake IDs

Crisis of personal identification

High technology and global integration stimulate the production and distribution of forged identity documents.

Go to the online store. Buy a photo printer, laminating machine, special glue and a pack of paper over there. You are not preparing for school or university, no. You are going to become a Fake ID manufacturer and earn a lot of money. And if you study Photoshop, you will be recognized as the best professional master in the market.

A phony driver’s license or national identity card is actually an urgent need at present. Many underage students purchase it online. It costs $80 – $200 per card, but if you buy it together with friends – stores may give you a discount on collective order. Now, count how much can you earn by making quality fakes.

In America, the fake identity trade is even more profitable and popular among young people. As the United States put up the high age of majority – 21 years old, that keeps many students from partying and drinking alcohol.  Moreover, the income in the country is higher compared to other countries, almost every “poor” student can afford such a trifle as a fake driver’s license.

One former student shared with us, that after graduation he started producing and selling fake IDs for $ 150 each. He easily figured out how to fake a hologram and barcodes on American driver’s licenses, but could not learn how to make magnetic strips. But luckily for him, some states are now giving up magnetic stripe licenses in favor of cheaper ones with barcodes. That sounds very unwise.

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