Fake ID is Now an Urgent Need

To avoid government limitations and do what we want and what we like most, fake documents are the best solution.

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo stands during a news conference following a bi-state meeting on regional security and preparedness in New York, September 15, 2014.

“A lot of fake ids were seized earlier this year” – the NY’s officials say with pride. “Governor Andrew M. Cuomo two days before declared that drinking sweeps of minors, organized by DMV workers at the end of 2016, have revealed around 900 fake driver’s licenses and arrested about 920 underage students for drinking alcohol”.

Good job, chief!  The brave police managed to arrest 18-year-old minors who took beer 3 years earlier than required by law. What about the rewards for your intrepid investigators?

It’s true that underage students suffer from constant police checks. This is why there is a high demand for fake ID cards to circumvent the limitations of the law and avoid surveillance.

TSA started to set up special announcements at airports, warning people, that the would need their identity cards comply with the Real ID Act (it was passed in 2005). Otherwise, they are not allowed to travel. Jim Harper from the Cato Institute notes : “The REAL ID Act would bring state identification document together with a national one.

These measures have been taken by the government due to some states that refuse to make their driver’s licenses in accordance with mandatory state requirements. The list includes 8 states that don’t want to adopt general legal rules.

For example, the Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock (D) announced 2 years ago: “There is no need to draw up national identity documents for citizens, as REAL ID allows to collect even more personal data about Montanans. I don’t see an urgent need to give the government such an opportunity”.

The feds believe that travelers will be frightened by the prospect of being turned away at the airport. Actually, this trick has already worked – Arizona has changed its mind last year and began to release ID thanks to this move.

“If the US wants to take the national identity document out of use in the future, all states should stop implementing a real identity card,”- as Harper says. The problem is that only a minority considers this scheme appropriate. Thus, this means that all citizens are likely to have this national ID soon.

The documents proving the identity, control and prohibit only how accurate they are. For example, when the date of birth on the ID is different from the real one, in this case the age limit is no longer a big problem.  When the ID shows the wrong name than this holder actually has, then the flight can be undertaken with a little privacy. If the ID declares a resident status that is different from the home country where the person was born, it pushes the boundaries for workers looking for an opportunity to move.

This last point is particularly important as we await the inauguration of a President who promises to deport millions of illegal immigrants. The former Director of Immigration and Customs, John Sandweg, says that this path seems impossible, as all police raids and arrests are aimed at the implementation of this plan will lead to huge damage to the lives of citizens and the economy.

It is for this reason that people need to have quick access to obtaining a quality fraudulent identity card showing that they are legal residents of the United States.

Since there is a high demand for forged documents, there is also a wide range of supply. Nowadays, everyone can easily find Fake ID stores on the Internet, that is why New York’s Cuomo regularly worries about. Cuomo advises to be careful, as foreign companies, offering fake IDs for sale, have opportunity to steal identity data (theft of fake data?) for building a new fake world. There must be a lot of bad guys named “McLovin”.

Many years ago, it was pretty easy to replace the name and birth data on a driver’s license with your own and use a fake pass. The introduction of Real ID complicates everything, because you can not use a handmade id anymore, and you need to contact the manufacturers. Fortunately, there are many reliable Chinese companies that make fake documents for all countries and not so expensive. Or you are lucky one that you are you personally acquainted with the corruptible officials selling the real stuff with fake information.

Let us recognize, that in many cases, there is a real value to having a reliable fake ID. What’s more, it’s very important to get extended access to high-quality bogus documents for everyone.






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