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Does your fake ID scan correctly? Absolutely. Everything necessary is recorded on the ID; the information corresponds to the entries on card and is in the proper digital format.   Do you accept single orders for just one ID? We include a duplicate ID into every order, because it is not a rare case when […]

Refund Policy

Refund is possible. Making fake ID is a type of business with a special attitude to refunding: it is impossible to resell the produced ID to any other person due to obvious reason. That is why we do everything to reduce the number of refunds, keeping our customers satisfied. We send you the scans of […]


There is no shipping fee (except Express delivery). You pay only for the ID.  Free shipping – 5-7 business days Express shipping ($15) – 2 business days International shipping ($30, DHL) – 7-14 business days We reserve 72 hours for producing an ID for the customer, after we receive the payment. Within that period, you […]

Novelty terms

BUYING AND OWNING ANY OF THESE IS 100% LEGAL. ANYONE CAN HAVE IT, THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. What you do with it is up to you! Perhaps you just need to get a novelty ID for movies or whatever. Novelty ID terms This page state the Terms Of Service under which to purchase and use […]


I got my first fake ID from the idhurry and I’m satisfied. Just as they say, it does the job. Never had any problems with that card, now I can get anything I want. Super!

ABC Cops are Searching for Fake IDs Holders via Apps

The police and special agencies started to use Apps to define certain locations of underage drinking breakers who use Fake IDs.   Fake ID vendors come up with new tricky and sophisticated methods to produce fraudulent documents, but alcohol enforcement officers found a way how to spot fake IDs in some states. They use peculiar […]