NYC officers come up with a new way to detect Fake ID owners using the App

DMV investigators recently started to use the special App for determining false identity documents in the city and punishing their owners.



New York State is the first that went for that testing method to spot fake IDs via the App.

The NY Police Department worries about underage drinkers, their number increases every year. The government cares about young people as the next generation and watch for them properly.

Intellicheck is a convenient and unique application. To date, this App is only available for special services and departments. You won’t find it on the App Store. Services, that would like to use it, must request permission from the parent company.

Intellisheck’s General Manager explained to us how this App works.

Brian Lewis, CEO of Intellicheck, said: “An assistant has to open the App and scan the back of the ID that he wants to check. Therefore, the procedure is instantaneous, the result comes within a minute. The ID is authenticated and determined whether this driver’s license is authentic or not.”

During the scanning process, the ID number is checked by the government databases automatically. The check result can be green or red. Can you guess, what each one means? A green means you have the document proving the identity, in the other case the red color – the ID is a fake.  New York is the first state that decided to test the App out.

“We have already used it many times. Each scan turned out to be 100% accurate and revealed all the fakes among the examples,” said Henry Smith, the head manager of investigations at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV reported that over the past month, the App has detected about 200 driver’s license fakes. This application is mainly used in crowded places, such as concerts or matches to check the fans. The next raid of the DMV investigators will be at a concert in Western New York.

Smith explains that DMV workers will observe the results of the checks and the data accuracy that the App produces. So far, only the DMV has had access to the application, but the parent company is considering opening access to other departments, such as the State Police and the State Liquor Authority in the near future. Probably, it will be helpful to other public services.

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